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no_bs_crochet's Journal

No Bullshit Crochet
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We are not crochet. We are not polite_crochet We are not a_twistedstitch. We are not crochet_snark.

This is a community devoted to CROCHET. Without the bullshit. We could care less about your opinions that have nothing to do with crochet.

We will not tell you your crappy FO looks great. (for such comments, please redirect yourself to polite_crochet). We will not tell you your crappy FO looks like shit. We will not make fun of your FO behind your back (for these such themes, redirect yourself to crochet_snark). We will not turn your defensless post of a crappy (or even good!) FO into a lengthy off topic comment war (for such threads, please redirect yourself to crochet).

That being said, we wanna see your works.
Expect HONEST critques.

And leave the bullshit at the door.